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Call Handyman Moshe at 718-421-4653 or 718-338-1030

Get it right the first time.

Hiring the wrong person can prove costly when the job is not done properly in the first place. This leaves many people wishing they called Handyman Moshe earlier. Like a doctor with his patients Handyman Moshe takes good care of your house. Most contractors don't have the time or knowledge to solve the problem and may require additional specialist  for each task. We offer the whole range of services and all of our trucks are equipped with the tools and quality parts to handle many different types of home repair and maintenance.


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We know the Neighborhood

If you live or work in Brooklyn, chances are that you have already seen our big yellow trucks. That is because Handyman Moshe has been maintaining private homes, and the buildings of commercial and non-profit organizations since 1992.

Thousands of happy customers

When you hire Handyman Moshe, you are retaining the services of well respected member of the community. Our customers include  Bicur Cholim, Hatzolah,  Ohel,   yeshivot,  synagogues,  nursing homes,  public officials,  plus many commercial companies and literally thousands of happy homeowners. All our work is fully licenced and insured , we handle most of the maintenance and repair work to keep homes and offices in perfect shape.